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You are invited to a unique retreat--featuring four young adult contemplative activists among the retreat leaders.

Many of our most cherished social values and human rights are under attack today. As we are called to respond with new levels and forms of engagement, activists need to take time to step back from the front lines -- to tap our inner wellsprings, listen for genuine inspiration, and connect with each other in supportive communities of commitment and practice.

Young adults are particularly encouraged to join this retreat--to learn from their peers key contemplative skills for sustaining ourselves in turbulent, stressful times. All adults are welcome no matter your age.

Refuge takes many forms, and one of the most crucial skills is how to take refuge within ourselves--to remain centered, balanced, and sustained from within as we move into outward action. This retreat includes:

contemplative meditation and prayer practices, featuring young
activist leaders;

interactive exercises that nourish and reconnect;

introductory breathwork, chanting, and solo renewal time.

Please join us!
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Facilitation Team:

Eileen Shaughnessy is a teacher, musician, and contemplative practitioner. She teaches environmental and social justice at the University of New Mexico. Her indie folk band "Eileen & the In-Betweens" has two albums of original music, and performs across the U.S. Eileen has a long-standing practice of contemplative prayer, and is passionate about bridging activism and spirituality via contemplative practices and Joanna Macy's "work that reconnects".
Otis Smallwood is a contemplative activist and organizational consultant with spiritual experience in multiple traditions, including Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, Sat Nam Rasayan, Qigong, Kriya Yoga, and Shadhiliyya Sufism. A poet, martial artist, and tacit thinker, Otis holds an M.A. in Human Development, and is working on his dissertation on human transformation.
Garrett Evans is a trainee in GERI's professional immersion training. He began practicing in the Zen Buddhist tradition in 2011, and has since maintained a daily practice of meditation and silent prayer. Garrett holds a B.S. in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University. He discovered Satyana Institute's work in 2014, and has since felt called to bring together his contemplative practice with healing work in
the world.
Zanele Khumalo is Program Director and Trainer for Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI) and GenderWorks, based in Cape Town, South Africa. She holds an M.A. in Diversity Studies, and has led GERI programs for five years in South Africa and the U.S. Zanele has extensive experience working with youth leadership, and is a senior facilitator and trainer for GERI. She has been a practitioner of contemplative meditation and prayer for several years.
William Keepin and Cynthia Brix are founding directors of Satyana Institute and Gender Equity and Reconciliation International. Will is a physicist with extensive spiritual training East and West. Cynthia is an ordained interfaith minister and former campus minister at the Univ. of Colorado. Their books include Divine Duality
and Women Healing Women. Will's new book is Belonging to God: Spirituality, Science, and a Universal Path of Divine Love.


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